• lettre à funky porcini

    Object : Mission to mars



    Hello, Mr, Musician funky porcini,



    First of all, if you’re reading this letter and if this letter gets through all the way I salute you, I bow down and thank you for all the goods you’re bringing to my world since middle 90’s.



    As I wish to continue my creation I wish to put down videos on your music.

    Of course it would be great. No doubt.

    I’m proposing you to share a little something, out there.

    In the following manner, I intentionally avoid showing you anything. To keep free minded. Another way it would maybe only bring you prejudices or put me in a bad posture or situation. My work hasn’t been seeing outside my circle of friends. I hope you’ll be once one of them. 

    I inevitably give less chance to realize my request but the risk is not even deliberate.

    I think it’s simply not a need. I just write you a letter with hope and intention.

    Everything passes, there‘s no turning back, only remembers.

    Is it already too long?

    Perhaps it seems a joke or it does evoke only a way too harsh of introducing or just slightly one proposition among the others!

    It would be a damned shame.

    But as I said: “As I wish to continue my creation, as I wish to put down videos on your music.”

    If any time you need or looking someone or something new, if any time you wish to share a note with another foreigner, please, just give me a regard.


    Take note.

    Full of please.

    Cia Cia.







    Samuel d’Hortax

    « bêtise humaineHouri ou la vie. »

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