Simple thoughts open mind



    Simple thoughts, open mind

    Chicago's over ride

    I grab the pitch and feel desire

    between her lips and summer vibes


    "Giv'me a Chair to a "bel air"

    Where I could bring a bit of stare

    Within a glass of Ballantines

    flows, shows and bungalows"


    I feel my blues, goin' on the groove

    Leaving my charged and desperate mind

    Flying on my fine shiny divine



    I could abuse, and quit my use

    Shade on her, but nothing to loose

    I over felt and a big hard shake,

    As she ribbed, abused and screamed my name


    No control by devotion

    I've possibly been under estimated

    Too much shake and vibrated,

    didn't ask for a fifth half sky


    She already had fourth of the seventh





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